A game by Alex de la Cour and Jan Huss for the GMTK Game Jam 2022. Our first ever completed and released game and our first ever game jam.

Keep on the grass and don't fall in the water! 


Roll the dice sideways  - the numbers to the left and right on the dice are displayed on the screen.

Be ware - you may not roll towards the evil EVIL number on the top right of the screen!

Rotate the dice to change the numbers to your left and right.


A and D or Left and Right: Roll sideways

P and O: Rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise


Art by Alex de la Cour

Music and SFX by Jan Huss

Programming and production by Alex de la Cour and Jan Huss.


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what a cool concept for a game! great way to spend time over my morning coffee. congrats on the game jam!

Thanks Becky, cheers for checking it out and for the kind words! :)